Please help to share your experience of Lesson Study by completing this short survey.

Welcome to the Lesson Study Survey October 2016 . We are often asked about where Lesson Study is taking place, what subject areas are the focus of the research and the ages of the students who are the focus of the study. We are therefore asking users of LSUK to help to discover this information so that we can share experience and collaborate across the UK and beyond.

If you are willing to share your experiences with others, we would be really grateful if you would fill in this short survey. We will not use any information you provide without your permission.



School/College/University/School District


Phone Number

What country do you work in?
Please give the address of the school/college/university/school district where you work and include the city/town and postcode or zip code.
Please add the names and postcodes of other schools/colleges/universities you are carrying out Lesson Study with.
What is your job title?
In which subject area(s) are you focusing your research lessons?

What age(s) are the pupils on which you are focussing your Lesson Study?

Have you used any resources from Lessonstudy UK to support you? If so please let us know which resources.

Please give us any other information about your experience of Lesson Study including links to blogs etc which you think would be helpful to others.
How many years have you been taking part in Lesson Study?
How do you share learning from your Lesson Study?
What are the three biggest effects of Lesson Study that you have experienced?

Thank you for completing this survey. Please click the submit button to provide us with your information.

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