Pete Dudley TLRP project site
Lessons for learning: Using Lesson Study to innovate, develop and transfer pedagogic approaches and metapedagogy.

The British Educational Research (BERA) page
An overview of the 2 research phases of the TLRP schools project including findings from Phase 1 and emergent findings from Phase 2.

iNet paper
A paper written for iNet by Pete Dudley and Ann Marie Butterworth.
The Networked Research Lesson Study: a sustainable model

Teaching Expertise article
This article provides an overview of the Teaching and Learning (TLRP) project ' Learning how to Learn in Classrooms, Schools and Networks' which took place from 2003-2005.

Dr Despina Galanouli's report on 'School Based Professional Learning' for the General Teaching Council of Northern Ireland
Part 2 of this report focuses on Research Based Lesson Study (RLS) and includes a model for the introduction of RLS.


Useful Links

Clea Fernandez youtube
Dr Clea Fernandez talks about what she has learned about Japanese lesson study.

Macros presentation
This powerpoint presentation provides a basic introduction to the activities and organisation of lesson study as it is typically conducted in Japan.

Warwick Mansell TES Article 2006
An article from the Times Educational Supplement about Lesson Study which includes comments from an adviser and Advanced Skills Teacher on the impact of Lesson Study in their schools.

National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics resource
An overview of Lesson Study with a focus on teaching and learning in of mathematics and science. The article includes links to practical resources and a video to help to introduce and develop the use of Lesson Study in Primary, Middle and Secondary schools.

Lesson Study MLD Hive Blog
'What the McKinsey Reports 2007 and 2010 say about Lesson Study' by Pete Dudley. A blog from the Exeter Lesson Study MLD project 2010-2011.