Getting Lesson Study started

There are a number of publications available online and through bookshops that will help you to get started with Lesson Study. These are listed and linked below.


Getting started with Networked Research Lesson Study: A network leader's guide



The following resources bring together, in a very practical way, the findings of the NCSL-CfBT Research Lesson Study project. They aim to provide network and school leaders with all they need to get started with research lessons.

Booklet 1: Getting started with network research lesson study

Booklet 2: Networked research lesson study in practice


The National Strategies' 'Improving Practice and Progression through Lesson Study' handbook is a step by step guide to LS and how to get it going in your school.


Useful publications to get you started

Lesson study step by step Catherine Lewis and Jacqueline Hurd

Lesson Study: A Handbook of Teacher-Led Instructional Change


Support from LSUK

If you would like further information about how LSUK can help you get LS started in your school or cluster, please contact us.