Jean Lang

Following a 43 year career as a teacher, headteacher and national and local authority school improvement leader, Jean is now concentrating her work in leading the development of Lesson Study nationally and internationally.

Jean has worked closely with Pete Dudley to introduce Lesson Study in the UK through the National Strategies Leading Teaching programme, the LSUK website and as a member of the Council of the World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS). She is now the Hon Gen Sec of WALS and regularly collaborates with colleagues in the UK, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and the USA to promote and support the use of LS.

In the past 4 years Jean has co-led a large and very successful LS project across 90 London schools which has created a learning community of committed leaders and teachers who have established the routines to ensure that LS remains the preferred method of continual professional development and learning now and into the future.

?Jean can provide consultancy support through her Company 'Higher Order Learning'. You can contact her here.