Lesson Study UK services

Lesson Study UK is here to help education professionals who are interested in using Lesson Study to improve practice in teaching and learning.

We aim to provide practical support and information about Lesson Study to leaders and teachers in schools, settings, colleges and universities in the UK and beyond.

We have worked with hundreds of schools – primary, secondary, early years and post 16, helping them to introduce Lesson Study into their repertoire of professional learning approaches. We are also engaged in ongoing development work with universities in the UK and abroad.

We work with individual schools as well as with groups of schools, working with the school and the staff, developing Lesson Study approaches to improve teaching and learning in areas where people most want practice to improve. We are specialists in pedagogy, teacher learning, curriculum and assessment – and in the successful leadership of these.

LS UK is also a hub for sharing news and research about Lesson Study development around the country and for putting interested people in touch with like minded professionals and experts in the growing community of professionals who use LS.

We also publish and link to users' Lesson Studies to help spread practice knowledge about teaching that works and about effective ways of using Lesson Study.